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The filter mesh is a material that separates large and small particles through a mesh. Filter mesh are divided into textile fiber filter mesh and metal filter mesh. The filter mesh we produce belongs to textile fiber filter mesh, generally two kinds of nylon and polyester. The unit of filter mesh is mesh count, which is generally defined as the number of mesh holes in an area of 1 inch * 1 inch. The selection of mesh size for a filter depends on the purpose for which it is to be used. The larger the mesh size, the finer the particle size of the material; the smaller the mesh size, the larger the particle size of the material.

Nylon/polyester filter mesh is light in texture, smooth in surface, easy to clean, can be used repeatedly, and is extremely economical. The filter mesh has good toughness, high elasticity, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, good alkali resistance, etc. The mesh opening is uniform and the filtration efficiency is stable.

Nylon mesh is a little more wear-resistant and more elastic than polyester filter mesh, while polyester mesh is more rigid and less prone to deformation.

In industrial production or daily life, filter mesh is widely used for filtration of liquids, gases and solids. Some common industries are listed below.

  1. Air purification: air purifiers, ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, clean rooms, etc.
  2. Paints and coatings: paints, coatings, inks, alcohols, dyes, resins, etc.
  3. Food industry: wine, juice, coffee, milk, soy milk, tea, flour, edible oil, etc.
  4. Sewage treatment.
  5. Medical industry: pharmaceutical powder filtration, pharmaceutical liquid filtration, etc.
  6. paper industry.
  7. petrochemical industry.

The filter mesh is suitable for a variety of different filtration, dust removal and separation requirements, and is widely used in all walks of life and is becoming more and more versatile.

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