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Acoustic mesh is a very versatile material made of smooth polyester plastic monofilament with a water-resistant coating. It prevents the passage of dust and other contaminants, and acts as a moisture and dust barrier. It is easy to install and can be easily removed for cleaning. It is commonly used in headphones, cell phones and speakers.

Acoustic mesh is an auxiliary damping material used in cell phones, headphones and audio and other electro-acoustic components as acoustic filter (can be both dustproof and waterproof).

Acoustic mesh has an impact on the quality of sound, it mainly affects the low-frequency peak and high-frequency peak of the frequency response curve, which has a greater impact on the low-frequency peak.

The main advantages of the Jusda Acoustic Mesh are:

  • Smooth monofilament fiber
  • Low moisture absorption thanks to Polyester polymer
  • High precision and consistency
  • Flat frequency response over the widest possible range
  • Efficient protection from dust, metal particles and liquids
  • Strict airflow control
  • Halogen-free
  • Complying with REACH and RoHS

At present, acoustic mesh is mainly used in cell phones, headphones, earbuds, Bluetooth headphones, various speaker products, etc.

The specification of the acoustic mesh is selected by the size of the acoustic sound resistance (or permeability).

(1) Low mesh (100-355): acoustic resistance is smaller, and the product is used on headphones. In general, due to the large air permeability, and thus the acoustic resistance is smaller, filtering out some of the mix, improve the acoustic quality, and thus the sound effect is clearer.

(2) Medium mesh (200-380): moderate sound resistance, suitable for microphone dustproof.

(3) high mesh (380-508 above): sound resistance is larger, the product is usually used in the speaker above. In general, due to the small air permeability, and therefore sound resistance, the filtering effect will make the sound becomes soft and pleasant, stereo effect is very good, and obviously improve the acoustic quality.

The acoustic mesh market has been monopolized by internationally renowned brands such as saati, Sefar and NBC. With the continuous improvement of technology of Chinese mesh manufacturers, the share of acoustic mesh made in China in the market has been rising. A good acoustic mesh manufacturer will match the appropriate mesh for different electro-acoustic product design and sound resistance requirements to enhance the quality of consumers’ acoustic experience.

The production of acoustic mesh is uniform and consistent, and the requirements of waterproof up to level 5 waterproof. Chinese acoustic mesh has an absolute advantage in terms of cost performance, well-known cell phone brands such as Huawei, oppo, vivo, xiaomi, etc. now have in part to use acoustic mesh made in China. The performance of the acoustic mesh made in China will be better and better and win more customers’ favor.