Garment printing factory in Sri Lanka

Garment printing factory in Sri Lanka

Project: November 2019-present

Project Information: Garment printing factory in Sri Lanka

Project product: PET 1000 printing Mesh series

Clothing always follows the pace of people’s living standards and times most closely, because the first change in social groups is the improvement of people’s clothing quality and the diversification of styles. Garments are generally measured by three factors: color, style and fabric, of which beautiful colors and novelty of flower patterns can give people a visual beauty to enjoy.
Screen printing in the garment printing industry is still the most widely used process, it has many unique advantages: relatively low cost; printing process is simple and convenient, both to meet the requirements of large orders, but also in some tight time orders in small quantities to reflect the advantages of its rush speed. From the most primitive tabletop printing to large oval screen printing machines, screen printing can be seen everywhere.

The garment and textile industry is the backbone of Sri Lanka’s national economy and the most important industrial sector, as well as the number one export earner. As the most employed and largest export earning industry, the Sri Lankan government has traditionally attached importance to, encouraged, and supported the development of the textile industry.

In the middle of 2019, a large garment printing factory in Sri Lanka contacted JUSDA with information from the internet, and after several detailed communications, we understood the specifications of the products used by the customer and the requirements for quality. We arranged several samples of different quality and specifications, and the customer tested and finally decided on several specifications of mesh. At first, the customer chose a few hundred meters for a small batch trial, and after a period of stable production, the cooperation was finally confirmed. At present, the purchased quantity is 5,000-10,000 meters per quarter. Jusda’s high-quality products and services have won the customer’s trust, and the customer has introduced some other customers to us.

Garment printing factory

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