Screen printing mesh for PCB printed circuit board

How to choose high quality screen printing mesh

Screen printing mesh is an indispensable material in the screen printing process. The quality of screen printing mesh is related to the screen and production efficiency. Buyer also hope to choose the screen printing mesh that best meets their own requirements, but during the process of selection, many customers have misunderstandings about these aspects, and do not know which screen print mesh products and brands are better. Today, Jusda will explain to you further about what kind of screen printing mesh is better.

Everyone’s choice of screen printing mesh products and brands should be compared correctly. We should have a certain comparison of different brands, pay attention to the quality of them, and also understand our own needs. In the process of comparison, if you correctly consider various situations and have a better understanding of your actual needs, then the entire selection will be in the right way.

Generally, the pigment particles of the ink are relatively fine, and the ink has good passability. This ink can also pass well when using a high-mesh screen; while the ink with high pigment concentration has fine particles, but its permeability will be relatively low.

Absorptive substrates with rough surfaces require more ink to achieve the best coverage of the ink layer, so a thicker screen is used; non-absorbent substrates with smooth surfaces require relatively less ink, so a higher mesh screen print mesh should be used.

There are many different screen printing mesh brands and manufacturers on the market. If you need to purchase in large quantities, you must carefully understand various screen printing mesh products and brands. This is the premise of making a good choice. Different people will have certain differences in their needs. If you can make a choice based on your actual needs, it will be more suitable. If the choice you make does not take into account your own needs at all, then will be greatly affected.

Based on the above, screen printing mesh manufacturers will definitely develop towards a more diversified perspective in the future development process, and at the same time, they should better conform to some methods of the development of the times. After understanding all aspects correctly and knowing more aspects, then the future will be guaranteed.

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