auto glass

Chinese auto glass manufacturer and its global sub-factory

Project: March 2020 to present

Project Information: Chinese auto glass manufacturer and its global sub-factory

Product: Screen printing mesh for automotive glass

Auto glass is an indispensable part of the structure of a car and plays a very important role. According to the location of the glass, there are four types of automotive glass: front windshield, side window glass, rear windshield and sunroof glass. The global automotive industry is growing at a fast pace, and with it, the demand for auto glass is increasing, with an annual growth rate of 20%. Sunroof’s popularity and front windshield tilt increase to promote the growth of auto glass usage, auto glass industry market capacity is rising year by year, the industry ceiling is still far away, the development scenario is broad. Along with consumer upgrading and technological progress, people’s requirements for the configuration of cars are getting higher and higher, and the functions of auto glass are gradually enriched. The aesthetics and practicality of automotive glass cannot be achieved without screen printing.

At the beginning of 2020, Jusda had the honor to participate in the bidding of the top three auto glass manufacturers in China regarding the procurement of screen printing mesh project. Jusda has been in the screen printing industry for many years, and with its high-quality products, rich industry experience and complete after-sales service, it finally stood out from many competitors. After some time, the auto glass manufacturer used Jusda’s screen printing mesh in several domestic and global branch factories. The cooperation with a large international company has also strengthened JUSDA’s confidence to become a leading company in the screen printing industry.

Since its inception, Jusda has always adhered to the business purpose of “integrity-based, quality first”, focusing on the use of screen printing technology and innovation, committed to building a professional team to provide customers with fast and convenient service, to provide customers with a complete set of systematic solutions!

auto glass factory

Garment printing factory in Sri Lanka

Garment printing factory in Sri Lanka

Project: November 2019-present

Project Information: Garment printing factory in Sri Lanka

Project product: PET 1000 printing Mesh series

Clothing always follows the pace of people’s living standards and times most closely, because the first change in social groups is the improvement of people’s clothing quality and the diversification of styles. Garments are generally measured by three factors: color, style and fabric, of which beautiful colors and novelty of flower patterns can give people a visual beauty to enjoy.
Screen printing in the garment printing industry is still the most widely used process, it has many unique advantages: relatively low cost; printing process is simple and convenient, both to meet the requirements of large orders, but also in some tight time orders in small quantities to reflect the advantages of its rush speed. From the most primitive tabletop printing to large oval screen printing machines, screen printing can be seen everywhere.

The garment and textile industry is the backbone of Sri Lanka’s national economy and the most important industrial sector, as well as the number one export earner. As the most employed and largest export earning industry, the Sri Lankan government has traditionally attached importance to, encouraged, and supported the development of the textile industry.

In the middle of 2019, a large garment printing factory in Sri Lanka contacted JUSDA with information from the internet, and after several detailed communications, we understood the specifications of the products used by the customer and the requirements for quality. We arranged several samples of different quality and specifications, and the customer tested and finally decided on several specifications of mesh. At first, the customer chose a few hundred meters for a small batch trial, and after a period of stable production, the cooperation was finally confirmed. At present, the purchased quantity is 5,000-10,000 meters per quarter. Jusda’s high-quality products and services have won the customer’s trust, and the customer has introduced some other customers to us.

Garment printing factory


2019 IPCA India PCB Exhibition GTR series products

Projects: September 2019 to present

Project Information: 2019 IPCA Indian PCB manufacturers

Project product: GTR series mesh

Jusda has rich experience in China PCB industry with a large customer base. After years of research and development, we developed a high tension and low extension mesh-GTR series.GTR series mesh has high tension, less tension loss, better stability, good wear resistance, good acid resistance, can get high fine and high-quality printing effect, especially suitable for wide use in circuit board and touch screen industry.

The IPCA ELECTRONICS Expo 2019, which is authoritatively sponsored by the Indian Printed Circuit Board Association, is the largest PCB professional exhibition in South Asia, targeting buyers in India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Buyers from neighboring regions such as Sri Lanka and the Middle East visit.

At present in India, and PCB industry-related machinery and equipment, materials, and chemicals rely heavily on imports, compared to imports from the West these products are comparable in quality specifications with China, but the price is much higher than China. And the materials, products, machinery required by manufacturers related to PCB, day after day, rely on imports, and now due to the diversification of multi-machinery and new technology and technology requirements, India such manufacturers are even more lacking, so the urgent need for these products.

In  2019, we participated in IPCA held in New Delhi, in the exhibition, our products received a lot of attention. Through detailed communication and sample testing, we have established cooperation with several PCB manufacturers from mutual understanding to cooperation till now. The excellent performance of the GTR series screen mesh is similar to SEFAR, NBC, SAATI, and other brands, and more advantageous in cost performance, which provides a solid foundation for JUSDA to enter the global PCB screen printing market. Through the continuous upgrading of products, we believe Jusda will win the trust of more customers and we will provide the best quality service.

2019 IPCA

Five characteristics of screen printing

Five characteristics of screen printing

Traditional screen printing is screen printing cloth, synthetic fabrics or metal screen taut on the screen frame, the use of hand engraved lacquer film or photochemical plate making methods to produce screen printing plates. Modern screen printing technology has improved, the use of photographic materials to take photographic plate making method of screen printing plate, in the printing, through the squeegee extrusion of the ink through the graphics part of the mesh transfer to the substrate, the formation of the same graphics as the original. In order to adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition, to meet more and higher customer requirements, screen printing technology has been rapidly improved and enhanced in recent decades, compared with other printing methods mainly presents the following five characteristics.

1.Applicable to various types of inks
Screen printing can use a wide range of inks, including pastes, pastes, paints, adhesives, and solid powders, beyond the usual definition of ink. Therefore, screen printing inks are sometimes referred to as “printing materials”. In addition, compared to other printing methods, screen printing is not very demanding on the fineness of the pigment particles in the ink, as long as the ink and coating can pass through the screen mesh fineness can be used.

2.Good outdoor performance
Since screen printing has a wide range of inks, it is possible to use inks with light-resistant pigments or fluorescent pigments, so that the printed image is not affected by the temperature and sunlight and maintains its luster, and can even glow at night. This feature determines that screen printed products can be used outdoors for advertising and signage.

3.Not subject to enterprise restrictions
Screen printing, like lithography, letterpress and gravure printing, can be produced on an industrial scale. At the same time, it also has the other three printing methods incomparable ease of plate making, cheap, flexible and diverse printing methods, easy to grasp the technical characteristics, so it can not be restricted by the size of the enterprise, even if the individual operation is also feasible.

4.Wide range of printing
Screen printing has great flexibility and wide applicability. With screen printing, printing can be done on flat surfaces, on substrates with special shapes, and even on concave and convex surfaces. In addition, screen printing has a wide printing area, which can be printed on large areas, up to 3m x 4m or more, and on ultra-small, ultra-precise items. Because the screen printing plate is soft and flexible, the printing pressure is low, so if you need to print on soft substrates such as textiles, as well as a variety of glass and ceramic vessels that are easily damaged by pressure, you can choose screen printing.

5.Wide range of adjustable ink layers
Screen printing is actually quite a wide range of applications, as many people jokingly say, in addition to air and water can not be printed, it can be printed on a variety of materials and surface shapes of different substrates. Its substrates include paper, plastic, wood products, metal products, glass, ceramics, signs, textiles, leather products, CDs, magnetic cards, etc.. What has attracted attention in recent years is perhaps its application in the high-tech electronics industry.

the types of materials for screen printing mesh

What are the types of materials for screen printing mesh

What are the types of materials for screen printing mesh?

1 nylon polyester screen warp weft uniformity is very poor, the mesh size is inconsistent, the shape varies, the surface finish is also very poor, the tensile strength is very low, the quality of the production of the screen plate is not ideal, the resolution of the image is poor, the printing resistance is also unsatisfactory, so it has been rarely used! The disadvantage is that the elongation is too large, easy to age and deteriorate, the light resistance is not good, and it is easy to become brittle when exposed to light for a long time!

2. Nylon wire mesh is made of chemical synthetic fibers, belonging to the polyurethane system. Nylon wire mesh has strong abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, and elasticity, and because of the uniformity of the silk warp and smooth surface, the ink passability is also good! Its shortcomings are, nylon mesh stretching, this screen in a period of time after the taut screen, the tension has been reduced, so that the screen printing screen slack, precision decline, so not suitable for printing size precision requirements of the industry!

3. stainless steel wire mesh made of stainless steel materials, stainless steel wire mesh is characterized by good wear resistance, high strength, small stretching, due to the fine wire diameter, the ink through the performance of good mechanical properties of stainless steel wire mesh, chemical properties, stable dimensional accuracy, its shortcomings are, poor elasticity, more expensive, screen stretching can not be restored to its original state! Stainless steel wire mesh is suitable for circuit boards and integrated circuits and other high-precision printing!

4. Monofilament polyester screen yarn, suitable for general screen printing factory, garment printing factory, handbag screen printing, organic glass, plastic panels and other screen printing polyester screen, also made of chemical synthetic fibers, belongs to the polyester screen, with the advantages of high temperature, water resistance, chemical resistance, polyester screen in the external pressure, its physical properties are stable, small stretch, its shortcomings are and nylon screen The disadvantage is that it is less wear-resistant than nylon wire mesh. In addition to the advantages of nylon screen printing, polyester screen is also suitable for printing in industries that require high dimensional accuracy, such as printed circuit boards!

the types of materials for screen printing mesh

Screen printing mesh for PCB printed circuit board

How to choose high quality screen printing mesh

Screen printing mesh is an indispensable material in the screen printing process. The quality of screen printing mesh is related to the screen and production efficiency. Buyer also hope to choose the screen printing mesh that best meets their own requirements, but during the process of selection, many customers have misunderstandings about these aspects, and do not know which screen print mesh products and brands are better. Today, Jusda will explain to you further about what kind of screen printing mesh is better.

Everyone’s choice of screen printing mesh products and brands should be compared correctly. We should have a certain comparison of different brands, pay attention to the quality of them, and also understand our own needs. In the process of comparison, if you correctly consider various situations and have a better understanding of your actual needs, then the entire selection will be in the right way.

Generally, the pigment particles of the ink are relatively fine, and the ink has good passability. This ink can also pass well when using a high-mesh screen; while the ink with high pigment concentration has fine particles, but its permeability will be relatively low.

Absorptive substrates with rough surfaces require more ink to achieve the best coverage of the ink layer, so a thicker screen is used; non-absorbent substrates with smooth surfaces require relatively less ink, so a higher mesh screen print mesh should be used.

There are many different screen printing mesh brands and manufacturers on the market. If you need to purchase in large quantities, you must carefully understand various screen printing mesh products and brands. This is the premise of making a good choice. Different people will have certain differences in their needs. If you can make a choice based on your actual needs, it will be more suitable. If the choice you make does not take into account your own needs at all, then will be greatly affected.

Based on the above, screen printing mesh manufacturers will definitely develop towards a more diversified perspective in the future development process, and at the same time, they should better conform to some methods of the development of the times. After understanding all aspects correctly and knowing more aspects, then the future will be guaranteed.

Jusda exerts its comprehensive competitiveness and develops an excellent screen printing screen that is accurate in every production process, from yarn to mesh, and provides reliable and affordable screen printing mesh product and accessories for various screen printing manufacturers. If you want to purchase screen print mesh in bulk, please contact [email protected] .