2019 IPCA India PCB Exhibition GTR series products

Projects: September 2019 to present

Project Information: 2019 IPCA Indian PCB manufacturers

Project product: GTR series mesh

Jusda has rich experience in China PCB industry with a large customer base. After years of research and development, we developed a high tension and low extension mesh-GTR series.GTR series mesh has high tension, less tension loss, better stability, good wear resistance, good acid resistance, can get high fine and high-quality printing effect, especially suitable for wide use in circuit board and touch screen industry.

The IPCA ELECTRONICS Expo 2019, which is authoritatively sponsored by the Indian Printed Circuit Board Association, is the largest PCB professional exhibition in South Asia, targeting buyers in India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Buyers from neighboring regions such as Sri Lanka and the Middle East visit.

At present in India, and PCB industry-related machinery and equipment, materials, and chemicals rely heavily on imports, compared to imports from the West these products are comparable in quality specifications with China, but the price is much higher than China. And the materials, products, machinery required by manufacturers related to PCB, day after day, rely on imports, and now due to the diversification of multi-machinery and new technology and technology requirements, India such manufacturers are even more lacking, so the urgent need for these products.

In  2019, we participated in IPCA held in New Delhi, in the exhibition, our products received a lot of attention. Through detailed communication and sample testing, we have established cooperation with several PCB manufacturers from mutual understanding to cooperation till now. The excellent performance of the GTR series screen mesh is similar to SEFAR, NBC, SAATI, and other brands, and more advantageous in cost performance, which provides a solid foundation for JUSDA to enter the global PCB screen printing market. Through the continuous upgrading of products, we believe Jusda will win the trust of more customers and we will provide the best quality service.

2019 IPCA

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